Welcome to Vrundavan Nursery

Our Journey to Dreams

During the last so many years we have found gardening hobbies are developed in the big major cities of India at some intensity, nowadays most of the people are buying their own house as per their family requirement and think for a suitable place to do the gardening to enhance the oxygen level in surroundings, and also wanted to create the kitchen garden for fresh vegetables too.

We have seen, in the metro cities, many people have established a beautiful landscape in their bungalows by hiring a professional landscape consultant & fully enjoyed nature. As we all know around the city area climatic situation has been a very bad stage due to greenhouse gases, vehicle’s exhaust & smokes omission in the air from the chemical factories in the vicinity of all the state of India, and therefore most of the citizens try to get fresh air to keep themselves away from the dusty & polluted climatic condition at any cost, and therefore greening activities has been developed to all over the cities & towns. However with this concept greening chain has been simultaneously developed in the different localities like cooperative societies, industrial townships, commercial complexes without any planning & proper knowledge and same has been resulted into a big zero, and spoils the precious resources. We have mentioned a few garden tips below which will be fruitful for your home garden.

  • Selection of planting materials as per your city/town temperature. (Average yearly.)
  • Analysis of soil & water. ( Bad soil can be replaced)
  • Keep suitable planting distance as per selected species.
  • Keep the plantation away from your bungalow/cottage.
  • Regular watering, in the early morning or during the late evening
  • Usage of Agro inputs as & when required.
  • ollow the timely maintenance activities.

Above mentioned points are so important for all garden lovers to create the beautiful garden, but some time in many cases if you adhere to all the parameters but water quality is not good then your garden may never flourish well because water is the carrier & transporter of nutrients for your plants, so always use less TDS water to beautify your garden without many efforts.


Our journey has been started with a small nursery in the year 1997, 23 years ago in a small village Nana Chiloda situated in the vicinity of the Ahmadabad city by Sh. Upendra U Tiwari. Initially, we have produced the exotic tree’s saplings from seeds & flowering shrubs by different propagation method and gradually in last 8 years we have established the nursery with all types of landscape trees, shrubs, bushes, flowering creepers, climbers, seasonal saplings and lawn grass as per basic requirement for garden & as per public demand for new species.

During our business, we had got lots of opportunities to develop the new garden, farm development & making landscape design from the different clients & NGOs and slowly we prove ourselves a good landscape designer too. Gradually we have started working with the estate- builders and other industrial’s houses owners to develop their garden and farmhouses with fruit orchards and organic farming with installing the latest drip irrigation system.


In the year 2003, we have joined with big corporate houses like Reliance Industries, Adani group & L&T limited. We have developed their factory garden & township’s garden as per environmental need base and presently, same has been maintained by our firm M/s Vrundavan Nursery & Plantation.


We believe unskilled gardener can create the greenery with plants but without planning & lack of basic knowledge, the owner has to face the huge losses & ultimately garden has been destroyed and therefore we wish to get more closer to our customers to provide them better services for gardening with latest techniques of maintenance to beautify their houses.

We have started a big plant’s store in the heart of the city of Ahmadabad at 307, Sun Avenue One, Near Manekbaug Ambawadi & we provide the following facilities at our shop.

  • All types of indoor /outdoor plants (Oxygenate plant species)
  • Ornamental plant species.
  • PVC pots.
  • Hanging baskets.
  • Self-watering pots.
  • Terrarium container with plants.
  • Garden tools & tackles.
  • A potting mixture, like Vermiculite, Perlite, Coco peat, Vermicompost
  • Decorative pebbles & chips.
  • Garden Tools & Tackles.
  • LED POTS (Made of UV stabilized LLDPE Eco-friendly materials)
  • LED SOFA ( Made of UV stabilized LLDPE Eco-friendly Materials)
  • Portable fountain for Home, office Lounge & Garden lawn.
  • Vegetables / Seasonal seeds.
  • Information on the latest gardening practices.

Apart from the above, we are giving information on cultivation of the medicinal plant, floriculture, seasonal seed, vegetable seeds and best gardening tips for each season.

We also ensure to our customers please be knowledgeable and share your expertise in your neighbourhood and in your village /city & state level for the betterment of our environment for mankind & flora and fauna to create the biodiversity.

Many authors & scholars have been written in their books, that how can we save the environment? They advised every human being to plant a tree as he has lived on this planet! E.g. 65 years average! Then plant 65 trees during whole life & then bid own farewell, so future generation can live happily & this planet never faces the droughts.